Friday, August 18, 2006

Welcome to...The Twilight Zone.

Imagine, if you will...

August 18, 2006
By Ruth Sheehan

DURHAM - The Durham District Attorney's Office has dropped charges against three Duke University lacrosse players accused of raping an exotic dancer hired to perform at a team party on March 13, 2006. Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans were indicted on felony charges of forcible rape, sexual assault and kidnapping. The charges were rooted in unscrupulous political zeal, criminal police department creation and mischaracterization of evidence, grossly reckless and malicious media lynching, race-baiting, pot banging, and the numerous sworn and unsworn statements of Crystal Gail Mangum, a mentally unbalanced prostitute and habitual liar in the Bunny Hole since January, that zero, two, three, five, or upwards of twenty men, with the assistance of another woman, orally, vaginally and anally raped her for more than thirty minutes in a telephone booth-sized bathroom, causing about $20,000,000.00 in damages.

Three days after Mangum filed a tear-filled interview with the News and Observer, the stripper was placed on "administrative leave" in a new city.

Court records show Mangum has made similar rape complaints about at least three other people with whom she has had dealings over the years.

Durham County District Attorney, Mike Nifong, said he dismissed the criminal cases against Seligmann, Finnerty and Evans because "due to inconsistencies in the complainant's statements, eyewitness statements, medical records, two rounds of DNA testing, the lack of relevant or incriminating evidence from other potential witnesses or sources, exculpatory evidence of the sexually ravenous activities of the accuser in the days immediately prior to the alleged rapes, the only semen recovered from inside the accuser having been determined to have come from another man, incontrovertible alibi evidence in favor of at least two of the accused, the absence of any inculpatory forensic evidence, as well as the likely pendency of other civil and private proceedings, prosecution is not warranted."

Mangum still has the option of filing a civil complaint against Duke University, claiming she was discriminated against because of her mammalian protuberances. Mangum is from Hunger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great stuff. if only nifong had acted 5 months ago like the boulder d.a. did the other day in the jonbenet case!

6:37 AM  

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