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Oz in Wonderland: You've Got To Move.

Dear Judge Smith:

In his application seeking Chief Justice Parker's approval of your appointment to preside over this "exceptional" Hoax, Judge Orlando Hudson noted that having one person (that would be you) at the helm "would make it easier to have motions and hearings."

That was three months ago.

As then reported in the Herald-Sun, attorneys and judicial colleagues described you as a "soft-spoken, highly competent, no-nonsense man without any apparent trace of arrogance or flamboyance in his demeanor." Officials were then predicting that your appointment would improve consistency and efficiency. In the time since, however, judicial efficiency appears to have been consistently thwarted by your seeming indifference to Nifongian hijacking of proceedings. We've seen a lot of that genteel, soft-spoken nature. We've seen little, however, indicative of a high degree of competence and nothing of the "no nonsense" trait that you allegedly possess. We've seen a potted plant. And that's bad.

On two occasions, now, you have allowed Mr. Nifong to commandeer your courtroom. You have tacitly countenanced his unprofessional decorum, ad hominem taunts, trademark smirks, arrogant dismissal of your own Order setting forth the end date for evidentiary disclosure, and the making of blatant falsehoods on the record in open court. You have twice permitted open-cage-day at the zoo. The inmate is running your asylum.

You let him speak Nifongese to tap dance out of the "fifty, or was it 15, press interviews" gaffe.

You withheld bench cross upon his assertion that the April 11 meeting with Mangum did not include discussion of case specifics, despite Gottlieb's written recollection to the contrary and his own sworn motion memorializing discussion regarding her ingestion, or not, of contraband drugs at the time in question. You now know, of course, that well before the date on which Nifong claims, incredibly, not to have spoken to Crystal about the case because she was still "too traumatized" to do so (as evidenced by, he says, her "difficulty maintaining eye contact"), she'd been on a pole, or several, same as it ever was, good old Precious.

You raised nary an eyebrow when Nifong informed that audio recordings previously ordered to be preserved had been, oops, destroyed.

You denied defense counsel's demand for a Bill of Particulars in the very face of Nifong substituting his particular fiction for that of the false accuser, despite his claim of having never spoken to her about events upon which the indictments were returned.

You forebore rebuke when he turned the Constitutional presumption of innocence on its ear by smugly asserting that Reade Seligmann need only account for an hour and a half out of his whole life so as to have nothing to worry about.

Enough nonsense. It's time. Time to put on your big boy pants, take control of your courtroom and the administration of justice, and bitch slap that smirk to the back wall.

Kirk Osborn's photo identification suppression motion, officially on behalf of defendant, Reade Seligmann, but for practical purposes dispositive of the Hoax pled against the three indictees, has been pending since May 1, 2006. Amendment thereto was filed on or about June 8, 2006. While you are not subject to criticism for the delinquencies of your sycophantic predecessors, you are subject to criticism for perpetuating their dereliction of duty. It is time. Time to define your place in history.

The North Carolina Criminal Procedure Act [NCGS 15A-954 (a)(4)] mandates that, on motion, the court "must dismiss the charges stated in a criminal pleading if it determines that...[t]he defendant's constitutional rights have been flagrantly violated and there is such irreparable prejudice to the defendant's preparation of his case that there is no remedy but to dismiss the prosecution."

As correctly noted by Mike Gaynor, in the best article yet published setting forth the absurdity of the claim that a trial must be had to fully adjudicate the Hoax, just such flagrant violation and irreparable prejudice has been perpetrated upon the defendants. Judge Stephens' ridiculous Order compelling a particular class of individuals, i.e., all white members of the 2006 Duke Lacrosse team, to submit to photographic and DNA identification processing was unconstitutional. White, male, non-team individuals attended the subject party. No investigation was undertaken to determine whether Mangum's alleged attackers were of one or the other group. Stephens' Order was made despite the utter absence of probable cause to believe that any particular individual member of the team "class" had committed any felonious offense.

Further, the affidavits of Assistant District Attorney David Saacks and Investigatior Benjamin Himan, offered in support of the application for the identification procedures sought, were perjurious. Their sworn representations alerted Stephens to "medical records that were obtained by subpoena" indicative of Mangum having "signs, symptoms and injuries consistent with being raped and sexually assaulted vaginally and anally." As you, of course, now know, medical records had not yet even been printed, let alone obtained by law enforcement authority, at the time Saacks and Himan swore to the lies quoted, and said records, once obtained, contained no memorializations remotely tending to substantiate Saacks' and Himan's contemptible perjury. Accordingly, the photographs Mangum viewed when making her sham "identifications" of April 4th should never have been ordered to have been taken in the first place.

The unconstitutionally ordered photographs were then "used" by Nifong and Mangum and Gottlieb in what is quite probably the most procedurally tainted and flagrantly unconstitutional "lineup," ever. When you consider both the constitutionally impermissible "lineup" of April 4th, and the glaring inconsistencies in Crystal's prior "identifications" of March 16 and 23, but one conclusion obtains: The photographic "identification" of the Duke Three, and any hypothetically proffered in-court identification at trial must both be suppressed. The identifications are little more than nothing. Without them, of course, the corrupt prosecutor has less than nothing.

Inasmuch as criminal statutes are to be strictly construed, movants must, to be entitled to dismissal under NCGS 15A-954 (a)(4), show both flagrant violation of their constitutional rights [check] and that "there is such irreparable prejudice to the defendant's preparation of his case that there is no remedy but to dismiss the prosecution." This second requisite is what will make the Wannabelievers bang their pots and shout, "But they have the best defense team money can buy! Even if their constitutional rights were flagrantly violated, surely they have not been irreparably prejudiced in the preparation of their case." Stand up to the Wannabelievers, Oz. Tell them to sit down and shut up.

Strict construction of criminal statutes does not equate to tortured, absurd construction. Were it not for the corrupt prosecutor's self-interested need to indict so as to cement the Black vote before a primary election he would have lost but for the beneficent materialization of the Hoax, the depth and breadth of reasonable doubt would have become apparent at a probable cause hearing. Mr. Seligmann's alibi, as well as the totality of exculpatory evidence would have been force-fed down Nifong's throat, the matter never would have made it to the grand jury, and the indictments improvidently granted would never have been returned. Owing exclusively to Nifong's political expediency, the defendants were irreparably prejudiced from preparing, and presenting, their cases at the earliest, "speediest," appropriate time. Had they been permitted to do so, this railroad would have been stopped in its filthy tracks nearly seven months ago. Federal due process compels that their constitutional rights not be yet further flagrantly violated by being forced to defend, and pay to defend, baseless accusations forward to a dog-and-pony show trial.

Having never spoken to the accuser, Nifong has no clue as to her credibility (other than what he reads in the papers and blogs) and, thus, cannot claim to slog forward because he "believes her." That's a crock. For him, it never was, and is not now, about her. This travesty yet pends only to fuel Nifong's desperate hope of saving his professional skin on securing convictions rooted in jury nullification. While any such convictions would surely be overturned on appeal is of no moment. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Naturally, defense counsel must move for dismissal. It is disturbing that they have not yet done so. I don't profess to know their motives. I do know, from two decades of civil and criminal litigation practice, that, as surgeons make less money referring their patient candidates to physical therapy than by, um, actually performing surgery, criminal defense attorneys typically make less money forcing disposition by way of motion than they do trying cases.

That is not your instant concern, Oz. The ID Suppression motion begs to be decided. Now. Will you succumb to the oppressive coercion of the, um, "special interests?" Will you play Stephens? And Titus? And Pontius Pilate? Will you let this travesty ooze inexorably into the New Year? Will you blame inaction on the busy Holiday season? Will you remember Reade, and Collin, and Dave, and their families as this "Thanksgiving" and Christmas near? Will you actually do something of substance on or before December 15th? Will you cast yourself in the mold of the brave, and truly "Honorable," James E. Horton? Or will you continue to underwhelm? You've got to move, Oz. It is time. Time to define your place in history. Have you the brain, the heart, the courage?

Yours, etc.,

Michael F. McCusker


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! You know how to return with a bang. Let's hope Oz is worthy of his highly touted reputation and heeds your urgings. This case cries out for courage and we haven't seen evidence of any to date. Barring action on his part, I can't imagine Oz being able to celebrate any upcoming holiday with a light heart. How can he let these matters sit unaddressed and still sleep at night?

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect your issue should be with more with the 'backwoods' legal system in NC, and not with this particular judge who has worked within its absurd confines -

-Next to Coach Pressler, I suspect Judge Smith is the next least deserving of criticism for action/inaction within his control-


11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allowing Nifong to act the churlish buffoon in court has nothing to do with the system. Allowing Nifong to deflect focus from substantive matters with petty rants has nothing to do with the "system." Not voluntarily taking initiative, not taking authoritative action on a matter under his jurisdiction and long ripe for decision has nothing to do with the "system." Alas, I fear he is not a victim of the system, but just another of its cogs. He's a weak courtroom judge. We'll see if he's a weak human being.

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!


5:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Duke case has been weird from the start.

The DA turned down offers to take polygraph tests, in favor of DNA tests, and then indicted even though the DNA tests did not implicate any of the 46 white lacrosse players tested, based on a fundamentally flawed identification procedure devised by Mr. Nifong to deny due process and let the black accuser pick three white victims of her own.

The NC NAACP wanted a gag order after the accuser's sad history surfaced, but it is not a party to the Duke case. Judge Titus gave it to them anyway, even as against the defendants, on his own initiative in the Duke case.

The defense lawyers quietly moved to modify, but they did not publicly protest the blatantly unconstitutional gagging.

Now Greta van Susteren thinks the Duke case has to go to trial.

Time for to get the word that a pretrial motion to dismiss is appropriate in the Duke case.

Michael J. Gaynor

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read ago the saga of Judge Horton and the Scottsboro boys and was struck by the parallels in the case. Unfortunately, do not seen any examples of Judge Horton's courage and character in the present presiding judges.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was this letter ACTUALLY sent to Judge Smith?

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wait was well worth it. Welcome back NDlax84. You have proven your metal once again. I hope you will send this letter to Oz. It's time he s--t or get off the pot.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that the one mistake that was made by the Lacrosse Team in the aftermath of the party is the willing submission to the order to submit DNA. Yes, I know that they were mislead by the DA to believe that they would be exonerated if it came back with no match. The joke was on them.

They should have appealed the order all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. It was flagrantly unconstitutional and Nifong would have had to submit his evidence to a higher court to support the order. He would have been smacked down big time since he had no evidence then or now.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your writing NDLax84. Hope to see more soon.


10:56 AM  
Anonymous gc said...

The Great Santini is alive! Welcome back Mike.

Anybody know if Dan Abrams is still alive. What ever happened to his sho. After his promotion, I stopped watching.

NDLAX they should hire you for Dan's old time slot. You are an attorney. You know how to play hard ball.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judge Smith the world is watching and waiting. Time to get off your ass.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

11:08 Sorry don't get me started with Coach Pressler. I felt sorry for him. Not now. HE TOLD THE BOYS NOT TO TELL THEIR PARENTS. THEN HE QUIT AND RAN. Had he had the guts to wait until the Coleman report came out, he would have seen he disciplined them when he know about it. What goes around comes around.

NDLAX coaches little boys lax. I never met him but I know he would not have told the boys that.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Country Do We Live In??

The facts--hard facts--show that Mike Nifong not only would have lost the primary election but his job as well in the event Freda Black garnered just a handful more votes. He fired Freda from the DA's office prior to the election. With her as the new DA...Mike has no job. So there is mountains of evidence that Nifong used this affair for personal gain....that he violated police line-up procedures...that he denied the boys a probable cause hearing by going through a gand jury...that he refused to review exculpatory evidence showing innocence...that he failed to talk with the accuser to determine credibility...and on and on and on.

Yet what evidence is there to show these boys raped the accuser or that a rape even occured? I'm talking about hard evidence other than a single accusation made by a drunk stripper/prostitute. None!!

Get out the scale and weigh the evidence Nifong has committed a crime versus the evidence that these boys have committed a crime. Not even close!!

So how does the NC state government and federal government sit on their dead asses and allow this to continue while refusing to investigate Nifong?

The calls for a 'trial' simply astound me--a trial only to satisfy some racial division in Durham...these boys in no way, shape or form deserve to have to go through a trial. Is that how we now do things in this country??

Is this our new civil rights plan in the US...drum up some sacrificial lambs--never mind any evidence, run them through a lengthy period of hell, then a jury-biased trial, solely so we can show how 'civil' and 'equal' we are?

What country do we live in?

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ND - another great post - I look forward to hearing from you

CJ - Go Rutgers..

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

11:31 Nice post. The country we live in is called DURHAM. I bet right now officials in North Carolina are wishing Durham was part of South Carolina.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous kbp said...

Good to see you posting!

Considering this case is in NC, and he's only had the case for 90 days(!), he may be way ahead of where many down there would expect him to be.

Possibly even close to being considered "brave, and truly Honorable", even of outstanding character in the eyes of the locals.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wimpy judge from the south + crooked prosecutor from the south + biased jury from the south + accused boys from the north = hard time fer them thar dam yankees.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the idea of NDLax filling Abrams' shoes in bringing out the truth in this case, and questioning the corrupt powers that be.

Now, we just need to get him on TV!

Great points, NDLax84 !

Thank you



10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:24am was right on about not contesting the blanket DNA order. How would he have justified testing the entire team? Unfortunately the team had bad advise and not surprisingly had no idea how evil Nifong was (is).

11:01 PM  
Anonymous gc said...

This was Abrams email address:

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To 10:24 AM

You an thank the Duke Administration for that error.

They stepped in to 'take care' of the situation, providing an attorney to represent the group, and telling the players to not advise their parents - who no doubt would have lawyered up - and your scenario would have played out.

The Duke Admin appointed attorney did no favors for the players.

- I suspect Brodehead (ie McFly) is quiet because he knows Duke's head will be on the block next for their reckless actions.

Funny, isn't it - the Duke Admin was "all for" representing the players when they thought they could "protect the University from the embarassment" by heading it off - but now "They" are nowhere to be seen or heard.

First, Pressler was fired because the Lax team was on "double secret probation" and then the players rights were subordinated by the University's FALSE claim of "privledge" in substituting for their right to contact their parents.

Duke, apparently,cares only about the faculty and its name - and not 1 hoot for its students.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sent today to

Dear Dan Abrams:

I am a big fan of yours and loved your show the "Abrams Report". The reporting you did on the Duke Lacrosse and OJ cases was excellent. But I am a realist and sometimes successful people, such as yourself, get promotions and move up. It was a smart move for MSNBC, but sad for fans such as myself.

I like Tucker Carlson. His old show was on too late for me to watch, so the timing is better. Plus I like him without the bow tie.

In your new position here is a novel idea for you to consider.

Ever hear of a guy names Michael McCusker. He runs this blog called Crystal Mess which can be found at Mike is an attorney, intelligent and very witty. Plus has guts. He's a Dad and an athlete. He's attractive too which can be an asset in broadcasting. You can see his photo on the opening page of his blog.

Why don't you take a look at this guy? He could be a fantastic addition to MSNBC. Think about it. There really is no reason to repeat Tucker's show two hours later. I think Mike McCusker could be a wonderful addition to the MSBC. It would be easy to build a show around him.

I know Tucker dances, I am not sure about Mike.


2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the DNA-the lawyer apparently advised the players they could contest the order, but they wanted to get the tests done because obviously the order claimed DNA will rule out innocent persons.
They had no way of knowing that the fact that their DNA did not match wasn't going to make a difference to Nifong.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was the DNA swabs taken before they hired their own attorneys? Did their parents know about it?

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous that this process is so long and drawn out. On Dec. 15th the judge will set yet another hearing date and Nifong will smirk. Those are two things that I feel certain will happen. Unfortunately, those are probably the only two things that will happen.

This non-event occurred in March 2006. Collin and Reade were indicted in April 2006. It's pretty discouraging to think that the judge can't get around to ruling on motions or anything else until we're closing in on March 2007.

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Bill Anderson said...


This was one of the best posts yet. The guy takes off for a week and comes back in with a bang! (But, you need to remind your beloved Giants that a missed field goal, of caught, can be run back.)

My sense is that Oz is suffering from fright that the voters of Durham will vote him out of office if he does the right thing and, thus, will have to get a real job. Judges are scared to death of having to get clients and actually working.

Liefong basically could fart in court, and the Herald-Sun and some courthouse whores, I mean lawyers, applaud him for that. Keep putting the heat on this guy, Mike. I'm trying to do the same on my end.

(Here it is Friday night, and I am writing an article that will be published in a magazine -- I won't say until it appears in print. I blame Nifong for ruining my Friday nights.)

Keep giving him the business!

8:22 PM  
Anonymous bill anderson said...

Sorry about the bad grammar and misspelled words. That's Nifong's fault, too.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill Anderson,

Your posts are getting funnier and funnier. You write great, serious articles but your sense of humor is showing through on these blogs. Maybe we can start referring to Nifong as Nifart. Maybe Oz has a bad case of "stage fright".

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think Oz is elected by Durham voters. Can anybody check that? Also, I have a concern. Say the motion to supress the IDs in the lineup is affirmed by the judge and the hoax is brought to trial. Won't Precious now just be asked by Nifong if she can identify her alleged attackers in the courtroom? Won't the boys be sitting ducks? If I were on the jury and knew nothing about this hoax, I would like the lineup to be dismissed in front of me.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous bill anderson said...

From what I can gather, if Nifong's illegal lineup is dismissed, he literally has no other legal way to gain IDs, as the system would be irrevocably tainted.

I always have held that it is important for this case NOT to come to trial. North Carolina juries are notorious for siding with prosecutors, no matter how dishonest the case. If the trial is held in Durham, the pressure on black jurors to convict the Duke 3 of "something" would be enough for the jury to reach a "compromise" verdict of guilty.

In the Little Rascals case of more than a decade ago, a North Carolina jury assumed that while the ridiculous child molestation charges against Robert Kelly and Dawn Wilson most likely were exaggerated, "something" must have happened, so the two received multiple life sentences. The North Carolina appellate courts later threw out the convictions, but not before a number of innocent people had languished for years in prison.

The Open Discovery law in North Carolina is the result of a wrongful conviction against Alan Gell that sent him to death row for a while. The prosecutors who withheld the exculpatory evidence from the defense were wrist-slapped, and both now are gainfully employed in the "justice" system.

While there are good people in North Carolina, the state's "justice" history is too terrible for me ever to take a chance to live there, or even spend much time in NC. Apparently, the voters in the state do not care about wrongful convictions -- unless they hit too close to home. Then it is too late.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can Oz rule on the defense motions only during courtroom hearing sessions? Is that correct? Is there nothing in the system that requires a judge to respond to a motion?

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Nifong's pin the tail on the donkey line-up is ruled inadmissable then it can be argued that in court IDs should also not be allowed under the "fruit of the poisonous tree" doctrine. This would cause Nifong's case to permanently flatline.

The judge, of course, will know this, which is why I'm nervous as to whether he will do the right thing and throw the line-up out. If he doesn't chuck it though, he will be setting precedent that this type of line-up - composed solely of suspects - is constitutional and perfectly legal in NC.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Mike McCusker: What can be done to get Judge Smith to move on some of these motions. Dec 15th is around the corner. This case should be dismissed. Nifong destroyed exculpatory evidence, lied in court, ect. ....Forget any Administrative Judge in NC doing anything. I think it has been proven to the world NC is corrupt from the bottom all the way to the Governor. What Federal agency can put pressure on Judge Smith to do something, anything. Why is this judge allowed to get way with this behavior. He has done nothing while Nifong lies in court, admits to destroying evidence, shows contempt for the courts own orders for evidence. Can we write letters, call the Department of Justice, contact our senators to see why our government is not doing anything about this. Let us know how extreme pressure can be put on judge Smith. We all want action and closure by December 15th. What a great gift it would be to the Duke 3, their families and all their supporters. Tell us what to do

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been trying for almost 2 years to find out what exactly happened to my brother, and finally had a local NC paper print this.....PLEASE help my family!!!! We are here in Cleveland, and getting LE there to help has been a disgrace!

PLEASE print this article, and truly have justice for my beloved best friend!!!

Johnsville News
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King Jr.


Friday, November 17, 2006
Durham's Darkside
This is a follow up to this small item posted on Nov. 9th:

I have to stay in Durham - PLEASE help me! My name is Rhonda, and my brother was found executed in Durham NC, on May 05, 2005. His name is Allen Jackson Croft Jr. The sheriff there refuses to send us the reports, tests, and information we requested via the FOIA. This is the same department that handled the Duke rape, and the most recent fiasco of being caught on tape, plotting murder for hire, trafficking in drugs, and women for forced slavery as prostitutes, and counterfeiting. I have been threatened to be charged if I did not stop calling them to ask about the GSR results, and what they was doing about his case...

ALLEN JACKSON CROFT, Jr., died Wednesday, May 11, 2005, in Durham. He was 46 years old. Allen was born in Beckley, W.V. and attended West Virginia Tech, where he received a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He later graduated from his beloved school, the University of Virginia (UVA), with a master's degree in Computer Science. Allen was employed at IBM for 25 years as a computer programmer and was a member of the UVA Alumni Association.

Rhonda Fleming has been writing about her brother's case at She tells a sad story of incompetence and "massive corruption" in Durham law enforcement. It sounds all too familiar.

some excerpts from thread:
(Attn: Durham NC) In The Name Of My Brother

(Rhonda Fleming, sister of Allen J. Croft) -
I am hoping someone will be able to help me. concerning my brothers death. He was 46 and weeks away from retiring from IBM, in Durham NC. He was found executed May 11, 2005 on the American Tobacco Trail under a tressel, a "supposed," suicide. The sheriffs department boggled the case, and failed to adhere to protocol, and do an investigation. It has taken me over a year to glean what facts I have obtained. My mother and I both wrote under the FOIA, for ALL the facts, as they "closed," his case. A year later the detective for the case sent us a report, and it was full of hearsay, lies, and ineptness. He allowed 2 people to take his computer who were neighbors, and besides doing no handwriting analysis, or autopsy, they completely did nothing. The pictures I do have shows the crime scene, and he has only a couple of drops of blood on his clothes, (which, they also did NO GSR tests on.) There was NO powder burns to the wound, nor was there blood on the gun, his arm, or shirt. The position of his body also doesn't make sense, nor the fact he was pronounced dead 6 hours prior, yet was covered with maggots? I am PRAYING someone out here may help my family! I know we need legal help, but we are poor, and hoping someone will help pro-bono. He was an amazing man, and deserves better than to have died this way. Then, treated like roadkill....Please offer ANY advise, even though I have contacted EVERY official there is, the SHERIFF is, "untouchable," and nobody is willing to help...

The sad part to all of this, is that LE again, is more concerned with politics, than MURDERS! Durham is still more concerned with the rape case, than to solve our loved ones deaths! My brother was found executed under a bridge 3 weeks after Janet Araboa was killed, and I have had NO PRESS, and have had to fight and beg to glean what facts I have received!...

Finally I am getting help from BriAnne Dopart, she is the crime scene reporter for the Durham Herald Sun.....She is going to do a story about unsolved murders in Durham, and the tremendous political climate that is preventing LE from doing their jobs.....

The stench that reeks from the county officials is repulsive! These people are elected officials, hired to protect, serve, and seek justice! The WHOLE system is a quagmire of incompetence, and corruption!

More than a few bad apples [in Durham Law Enforcement], there are the ORCHARDS!... I am furious over the fact the rape case has received more media attention than unsolved murders and police gone gangsters!!!!

If there is anybody who may information, please contact me:
In Loving Memory of Allen Jackson Croft Jr.
Allen Jackson Croft Jr.- death notice

Durham Justice Scandals !! - TalkLeft
Durham is a Business - $$ - Peek inside - TalkLeft
Law Enforcement Looks At Growing Gang Culture In Durham - WRAL
Film Documents Gang Violence In Bull City - WRAL
Durham's Gangland - LieStoppers forum
Durham's Gangland - The Johnsville News

6:31 AM  

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